This week I am working on three main issues that I have 1. Alignment 2. Tracking 3 working on add an animation on the word strike.

1.I improved that “Well we don’t need you decide…”and “or you and me gonna have problems”. disappears faster then the background wipes it

2. The phrase “Yes ma’am it is” I made it disappear with the opacity.

3. Some alignment are not perfect.

My Final Video


This project, I learnt a lot about the after effects skills and visual technique to express different mood, personality, emotion through visual elements. It also use a lot of knowledge we learn through the semester, from the first narrative composition project to the typography hierarchy.



This week I spent time on the graphic animation and the transition of each slide. I watched some tutorials on making liner wipe effect and utilized on the transition on some of the slides.

For the final week, I want to improve my animation scene. and maybe add more graphic element in this project.

For changing a slide, I want to do something like what this video( does, zoom in and out instead of just slide in and out. But I haven’t found a good tutorial so far.

For the baseball scene, not sure should I do something like the ball transform into the text.